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Chris Chinaire is a husband, father, author, as well as specialist in data management and business intelligence. 

Chris has always had the urge to write. But for a long time, he thought he could not be an IT professional and a writer at the same time.

In 2016, he came to the realisation that he could pursue both. And he wrote his first book, Accounting for IT Professionals: A guide to basic components of an accounting database, which was published in August 2017.


His latest book, In my son’s corner: A father’s inside story, published September 2019, is an intimate glimpse of the travails and pleasures of black fatherhood in London. The book showcases Chris' witty and caring approach in raising his son.


Chris was born in Harare (officially Salisbury until 2003), Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia). He was one of six brothers that grew up in the Highfield suburb of Harare during the era of white minority rule in the country.


Chris and his wife, Tembi, moved to London, in 1999, with their one-year old son, after convincing themselves that the work and life experience would be priceless. Nothing prepared them for the challenges of raising a black boy in London.


Chris lives in South London with his wife, Tembi and their son.